Project Management

We are planning and execution specialists

UBH has recognized and experienced the detailed planning, exact project management, technical attributes and change management required to produce such results. These activities have been combined with programs to change the normal thinking of staff at all levels in hospitals to think in ‘outcomes’ and not simply ‘process’. In several hospitals, financial savings were achieved with the reduction of pathology and radiology tests requested, lower prescribing costs, and speedier processing of patients. All activities related to patient care became much more patient focused improving patient satisfaction and giving lower costs of care per case, as well as providing greater job satisfaction to staff with resultant lower turnover.

Optimum efficiency and effectiveness

UBH, as well as being a contractor to government ministries, has also been a private healthcare provider both as a contractor and as owner/investor. Such hospitals necessitated the application of strong commercial and marketing skills and ensuring that the quality of patient care and all the services they received were of the highest quality. Management then ensured that optimum efficiency and effectiveness was achieved to provide the highest levels of profit matched with patient satisfaction and clinical standards. UBH brings private sector skills to projects that help provide the best value for money for both public and private sector clients. UBH, management of the Private Patients Wing for Bayonne Medical Center in NJ produced the highest annual revenue of any Hospital owned private patients unit tor several years.

Managing the future

UME seeks to apply forthcoming clinical trends into its hospital planning and operational services. This is intended to ensure the best quality clinical services are available for patients, but also that private hospitals are able to achieve competitive advantage by ‘managing the future’.

Innovation and Flexibility

Continuous innovation and flexibility

A more holistic approach has been adopted of late to take advantage of emerging technologies particularly automated hospital and clinical management systems. Major operational studies have been carried out in a number of the management contracts and privately owned hospitals to ensure that the maximum utilization was being achieved from the available space, equipment and staff time. This led in some instances to the multiskilling of both clinical and non-clinical staff, which has helped, for example, improve patient throughput in outpatient clinics. By combining multiskilling with appropriate design and layout of clinics, together with the fullest use of the automated patient scheduling, records and treatment systems. it was possible to reduce. in one outpatient department, the total number of nurses required by twenty.

Understanding & Knowledge

A Breadth of Experience

UBH, believes that it is well placed to assist you, since members of our team have a wealth of experience of planning similar new facilities, and of providing consultancy service for major healthcare schemes in US and abroad.  . As a team we have completed planning for health facilities in the US, from health strategy to commissioning operational schemes. This experience allows our team to provide a service unique within the market, delivering consultancy “from strategy to implementation”.