Bumble Statistics and details in 2021 [with charts]. There are numerous statistics being going swimming.

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Bumble Statistics and details in 2021 [with charts]. There are numerous statistics being going swimming.

Within extensive range we’ll curate by far the most up to date stats concerning online dating app, Bumble. Some Bumble reports come from Bumble’s formal press announcements or revealing, most are considering field investigation papers, number of are usually estimated centered on various data methodologies.

We will target globally reports and on the usa, since the me will be the nation using the finest amount of Bumble people worldwide.

Once you know that a number of the reports we display listed below are perhaps not the most recent any, inform us inside opinion area and certainly will update the statistics appropriately.

Desk of materials

Bumble Statistics – Users

Wide range of People Stats Around The World

As Bumble is certainly not a community organization but, they aren’t expected to discharge individual figures or specific money research.

A 2020 document claims there had been content a total 87 million individuals who make use of Bumble worldwide but there’s no recognized verification with this, another from 2019 sets the quantity around 66 million consumers.

The energetic customers tend to be positioned in 150 nations.

Many effective Users in america. Number of People just who used Bumble at least one time

In terms of consumer data in america, Bumble will be the 2nd hottest relationships program with 5.03 million customers in america, only Tinder have even more customers in the US with a staggering 7.86 million users based on 2019 Statista studies:

The 5 million energetic Bumble users statistics signify outside of the 210 million mature Us americans, around 2per cent enjoys an active levels on Bumble that is an enjoyable figure.

However, another interesting number is what amount of Americans need downloaded and utilized the software at least once. There have been a study made in April 2020 that calculated this number to be around 8percent of the United States grown population basically around 20 million folk.

Although this wide variety might not be affirmed by Bumble and there is no chance to by themselves confirm the validity however it reveals how significant effect Bumble had on scores of People in the us’ resides.

Bumble’s sex proportion around the globe

Bumble this is certainly normally is called the Feminist Tinder is known for their the majority of good sex ratio during the online dating markets. In 2019, predicated on an App Ape data, reported by Statista.com, 34.5percent of users are female and 65.5percent people were male on Bumble.

This ratio reveals just how online dating is actually reigned over by males when on a single of the most extremely common online dating software singular next of productive customers include girls.

Bumble’s Gender proportion in the usa

The united states shows comparable submission of consumers by sex ratio, relating to a survey carried out in 2020, delivered by Statista, 10percent in the adult male people have tried Bumble when compared with just 6per cent with the feminine inhabitants therefore around 60-70 per cent with the Bumble people in the US were male.

Bumble Consumers’ age stats

Regrettably, Bumble cannot submit any formal era demographic data that individuals could showcase here. For a better idea about the ordinary era as well as the distribution of Bumble people by era, there’s been several studies conducted over time.

In accordance with just about the most cited SurveyMonkey review, Bumble comes with the youngest demographics of all prominent online dating software. The study reported that over 63percent of Bumble consumers become more youthful than 3 decades older. An important caveat that the learn is carried out back 2016, therefore also the research data is not one particular current.

Get older distribution information people Bumble consumers. Bumble Users’ different demographic data

We can have more up to date data if we just have a look at age stats of Bumble in the usa. Relating to this Statista data, 13percent of all of the adults in the usa from years 18 to 29 used or are employing Bumble during the survey. This proportion is actually 10per cent among 30-44 years and 4per cent among 45%-64 yrs old group.

This statistics shows internet dating is starting to become more prevalent during the older generations and, as Bumble, the internet dating app that’s largely utilized by younger generation, also offers lots of older users.

Since these dating programs run the greatest if you reside in or next to a huge town or even in a metropolitan place it’s slightly surprising that predicated on a 2020 study only 6per cent live in urban areas, 11per cent in residential district segments and 7per cent from inside the outlying location from those People in america which use Bumble

This geographic circulation is far more possible when we add that almost all the Bumble users commonly well of and be well-educated, since these demographic cohorts frequently reside in the suburbs near to large towns and cities.

And Bumble users are really well-educated, more than 91 percentage of consumers over the age of 22 bring at least a bachelor amount.

While the degree of education usually correlates positively with money levels it is not a shock that Bumble users makes decent money as 13percent os all-american people that use Bumble making significantly more than a 100 thousand USD per year and just 7per cent making less than 50 thousand USD.

Bumble Consumption Research

Based on a facts research from 2017 the common individual uses 100 mins every day throughout the application. Until 2017 significantly more than 750 million matches happened to be facilitated by Bumble plus it was approximated are in charge of 5,000 wedding events and engagements.

Bumble once the feminist Tinder keeps a misuse report rates of 0.008 percentage, and that is presumably the lowest in internet dating field.

Bumble company reports

Again, as Bumble isn’t a community team however, they aren’t necessary to document precise profits stats, but it is determined that Bumble has made around 300 million USD in 2019 therefore in one year the business were able to increase their income.

Nearly all Bumble’s money comes from its premium membership plan Bumble Raise. Unlike Tinder, they don’t operate any advertising on the platform.

Bumble valuation and control

Bumble is owned by MagicLab, a company that also has another well-known dating app, Badoo and got based by Andrey Andreev

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