UBASE LIFE BIO HEALTH offers two types of proprietary testing platforms that can be performed in ANY medical specialty. Choose from our industry exclusive Fingerstick IgE Blood Drop Cards and/or our proprietary North American Environmental Inhalant Skin Test panel. Either test can be performed in any medical practice with an MD or DO as medical director.


UBASE LIFE BIO HEALTH offers more comprehensive allergy panels than any other allergy company (including allergy specialists). Our platform provides the most testing results which can confirm or rule out allergies as a source of symptoms. AllergyPro provides the most innovative, evidence-based allergy test solution on the market. AllergyPro diagnostic results are quick, painless, and simple to perform in any medical office or even at home.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year.

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The AllergyPro North American Skin Testing Panel offers a less invasive, painless, needle-free and easy to administer alternative to traditional allergy testing. The test uses individually wrapped disposable multi-test applicators to apply small amounts of antigen directly to the surface of a patient’s skin.


Simple and Convenient

UBASE LIFE BIO HEALTH has introduced an industry exclusive blood drop testing card that provides patented micro-array technology to identify a 50-Allergen Non-Inhalant panel
(40 of the most common Foods, 7 Stinging Insects, Penicillin, Latex, plus Total IgE) and 70-Allergen Environmental Inhalant panel
(7 Grass, 15 Weed, 29 Tree Pollens, 13 Molds & Fungi, 8 Animals & Insects).

The Value of Positive Specific IgE Test Result

Identify allergic triggers and determine the course of treatment.

The Value of Negative Specific IgE Test Result

Rule out allergies and get to the uderlying cause.


The AllergyPro skin test is compliant under FDA regulations and is covered by most major insurance companies. Our national allergy and food panels were developed in a collaborative effort between our clinical team and a group of leading allergy researchers.

More than 19 million adults in the U.S. were diagnosed with hay fever in the past year.

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A 15-minute skin test provides positive reactions that can be read at time of visit. Blood Drop Testing, in combination with the skin testing, provides the most comprehensive IgE testing menu on the market (even more than an allergy specialist).
This system allows any M.D., D.O., Nurse Practitioner, or medical specialty to provide immediate results to patients and begin safe and convenient therapy for their allergy suffering patients.