Development & Investment

Ubase Life Bio & Health is one of the few organizations that combine financial strength with a deep understanding of the clinical aspects of healthcare that impact on the design, construction and management of a healthcare building.

Strong Foundations

Formed in 2016, Ubase Life Bio & Health won its first major HealthCare management contract in New York in 2017. Since that time Ubase Life Bio & Health has managed, developed, commissioned and operated hospitals and healthcare projects in New York and New Jersey

The success of Ubase Life Bio & Health in delivering high quality services, led to the US Government, other governments, and other development agencies.

Today UBH ‘s wealth of experience means that it is well placed to contribute across a wide range of healthcare project requirements:

  • Healthcare management
  • Healthcare strategy
  • Healthcare planning
  • Hospital commissioning
  • Medical and Non-Medical Equipment services

Innovative and cost-effective solutions

UBH is unusual in terms of the depth of experience of its personnel: most senior managers have spent a number of years managing hospitals and health care projects where excellence of patient service has to be coupled with commercial success..

This unusual blend of skills means that UBH has insight into innovative and cost-effective solutions to health care problems and the financial and management expertise to make the solutions work in practice.