Meet The Team

Hyoung Gyo Kim – Founder & President

Dr. Hyoung Gyo Kim is passionate about improving value in healthcare and enabling staff to deliver the best possible care for their patients. Prior to joining UBH, he combined a clinical career as a consultant physician with a range of leadership and management positions including Chief operating officer, director of strategy and deputy chief executive in a large acute clinic and Surgery Center trust.

Hyoung Gyo has led clinical services at a regional level, necessitating broad stakeholder engagement, and major service reconfigurations across sites to achieve service sustainability and clinical standards. He works with clinicians and clinical leaders, to build alignment on their challenges, co-design solutions and understand what it takes for them to deliver on them.


Key areas of expertise

  • Engaging and inspiring clinicians to explore and embrace innovation
  • System-wide pathway and service review
  • Organizational design
  • Service redesign and change implementation
  • Development of clinical strategy addressing both financial and clinical sustainability
  • Operational performance analysis and management
  • Board and executive assurance including the development of metrics and reporting structures



  • Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Medicine, Beijing University

Example client projects

Helping a health system recognize the value of their investments into community services, by creating a shared understanding of the impact of investments amongst commissioners and providers.

Helping a Clinical Commissioning Group assess the opportunity to extract better value from community resources in a complex multi-stakeholder environment.

Identifying year and longer-term opportunities to improve clinical and financial sustainability in a small acute Trust.

Leading a program of non-clinical and clinical productivity schemes focused on providers working together at the system level.

Leading the review of current specialist service provision within an acute and community care setting, going on to support the development of a shortlist of options for future service delivery.

Taking the position of the first clinical lead of a newly established operational delivery network. Brought leaders from across the system together and supported two organizations. The clinical leadership of both organizations were highly commended by the review team.

Christopher Culp  – Partner , Revenue Cycle

Daron Girmonti  – Partner, Business Development

Brad Hwang   – Partner, Computer Sciences & Technology


Key Members

Stephanie Gomez  – VP, Eligibility Services

Josselyn Gonzalez  – VP, Eligibility & Client Services

Michael Balling  – Manager, Client Services

Karla Alvarenga Carill – Manager, Accounts Receivable & Private Pay

Alvarado De Elsy Eli – Manager, Eligibility Services

Hyunh Huong Tuyet – Manager, On-Site Services